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Paneltastic™ – New Reader Value Pack


This massive issue is a great starting point for readers who are new to our comics. Each issue is presented in it’s entirety including front and back covers. (A $10 value!)

Features three of our best selling #1 issues:
• The Deadlys™
• The Asylumantics™
• Cart Classics™.

RATINGS NOTE: The Asylumantics™ series is rated MATURE (18+). However, the content in this issue is suitable for TEEN (13+) readers.


Teenage Vampire Mystery Squad


Young vampires Elizabeth, Viona, and Morticia join together to form an amateur detective group when a series of strange events shake up the town. By the time all is said and done the girls may wish they had left well enough alone.

A MASSIVE 50 page issue!


The Deadlys: My Bloody Valentine


A vampire marrying a mortal? It seems like one of the most unlikely of pairings. And yet, for Jack Deadly and Elizabeth Voltair, their unexpected introduction to each other will find a relationship that will change both of their lives forever.

See what forces worked behind the scenes to bring Jack and Elizabeth together. Discover the origins behind Jack’s transformation into a superhuman killing machine and finally see the man behind the mask! All of this and more await you in this story of the beginning of everyone’s favorite spooky couple in this DOUBLE SIZED 36 page issue!


Please Rewind – The Complete Online Collection


Meet Hank Burns and his friends Tony Parsons and Monique Parsons. Together, they run a small video store with dreams of making a living in an industry they love.

With their sharp wit and even sharper humor, there is no element of pop culture that is safe from the Nerdly Trio’s critical gaze.

Now you can own this classic series with this complete collection of online comic strips from it’s original run. From late night Pizza Ninja deliveries to unruly customers who need put in their place, this great volume is packed with tons of laughs and wackiness.

ALSO! – Be sure to check out the NEW adventures of the Nerdly Trio™ in the sequel series Cart Classics!

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