In the world of The Deadlys™ the dark antagonist of the series, Apollyon, is an ancient demon who is constantly trying to regain his lost power known as the Essence of Creation or more commonly “the slime”. This series of titles tells the tale of it’s origins and impact on several generations of Deadlys as they struggle to contain and eliminate his threat to their lives and all the realms.

The Deadlys: Slime Series

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The Deadlys: Legacy #0


Decades after the events that occurred in the old Shadow Walker Swamp, a new generation is unwittingly dragged into a conflict from the past. They discover not only a lot about the history of the region but, in the case of one of them, of their own family.


Teenage Vampire Mystery Squad


The SECOND title in the SLIME SERIES.

Young vampires Elizabeth, Viona, and Morticia join together to form an amateur detective group when a series of strange events shake up the town. By the time all is said and done the girls may wish they had left well enough alone.

A MASSIVE 50 page issue!

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