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The Deadlys: A Visual Celebration


On a dark and stormy night during the late summer of 2010, a spooky family of monsters finally leapt from an artist’s imagination on to the internet where they instantly captured the hearts of fans all over the world.

There is Jack, the masked serial killer father, Elizabeth the vampire mother and their children Morgan and Viktor.

Together along with their extended family and a cast of wild monsters they call friends and neighbors, these creatures of the night live surprisingly suburban lives when they’re not hunting and haunting the mortal realm.

Celebrate a decade of adventures and mischief with this special edition collection featuring tons of artwork from our dusty vaults. Pieces created during the production of the comic and it’s releated products and some art that has never seen the light of day…until now.


Atomic Belch Man – Lost Collection


Atomic Belch Man™ is a figure unlike any you’ve probably seen. While at first glance he appears to be a hero, he is actually a plague upon the citizens he supposedly protects, often inflicting untold amounts of pain on them before being distracted by some super villain stupid enough to get his attention.

Now you can see where it all began with this collection of lost comics from the 90’s. These strips are crude and rarely make sense, each one being drawn on notebook paper in one pass with ink pen. No editing, no spell checking.

Just complete, unfiltered chaos.
Kowatonga, Yo!

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