The Nerdly Trio™ are back in this sequel to the hit comic series Please Rewind™! With the collapse of the video rental market, the gang have had to pivot into a new industry to keep their doors open. They ultimately decide to run a retro gaming store and soon find themselves hip deep in used controllers, consoles and calls for “Battletoads”.

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Cart Classics #3


An invitation to Monique’s high school reunion soon turns into an evening of chaos as she deals with old rivals, crushes and even….zombies?! It’ll take more than just book smarts if she’s going to graduate from this class from hell and make it home alive.


Cart Classics #2


Monique just can’t get a break as she’s abducted to provide some out of this world tech support.

The trio also makes a trip to their favorite swimming pool only to find that all of the signs forbidding Hank from diving are gone. Has he finally won the war for belly flopping freedom or is there a more concerning reason for management’s change of heart?


Cart Classics #1


The first side splitting issue of the sequel to the cult classic – Please Rewind™!

The trio makes a somewhat smooth transition into their new store. To celebrate, they cosplay attend the premiere of ‘Batman V. Superman’. Unfortunately for Tony and Hank, their evening is about to get a lot more “super”.

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