Necromancer and part-time treasure hunter Umbra, along with her unwitting companion Ximm (He’s…the weirdo in her hair.), spend their days much like any adventurer worth their gold would.   By day they dive deep into temples and tombs looking for riches and by night they test the patience of the local bartender while they try to drink each other under the table.   Oh, and there might be the threat of the world coming to an end. You know how it is.

A wild supernatural romp for MATURE READERS only!

The first issue will be available November 10, 2020!


Umbra Halloween Digital Poster


Celebrate Halloween with this free digital mini-poster! Featuring Umbra from the upcoming series Necroblivion™ in her sexy nurse outfit after finishing a night of trick-or-treating.

™ & © 2020 Chris M. Cantrell. All Rights Reserved.
The content of this series is recommended for MATURE readers only.
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