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Elizabeth Deadly's New Look


Hey, no problem. It is nice to be on a forum where no one is bashing anyone for tossing out some ideas.  Have a good weekend.

I sat down and did some sketching trying to incorporate a lot of what was mentioned with what I felt captured some of the essence of Elizabeth.  These are two ideas that stuck out to me.

WOW.  Now she is one hot looking vamp.  Those sketches look outstanding.  I think that when you spring them on the readers, they are either going to love her or hate her (and I don't know why they would hate her).  No more of the drab Mrs. Deadly, how you have a woman who is in control of her destiny.  If I remember right, isn't she the CEO of some company?  I think dressing her up in business attire when she has to go to the company for business would be okay but if she is called there unexpectedly then surprise them with a new outfit and watch the stuffed shirts flip out. LOL.

I think you are heading in the right direction for Liz.  Now if we could do something about Morgan :).

Thank you for listening to my input and I really like those sketches.

Sure.  It's always fun to explore some options and see if something sticks.  I'll continue working on her over the weekend and see what I think.  I can say this much, even if I decide against ultimately changing her original dress, I will definitely look at giving her more opportunities to express herself in future stories (i.e. a day at the office, etc.).

Red or Black?

BOTH, change them depending on what day and what time of the day and what she is doing.  Looking good.

Red OR Black.

Both good.