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Cosmic Sync #1

Cosmic Sync #1 published on
Cosmic Sync #1
Release Date: July 12, 2019

Physical: $2.99
Digital: $0.99
Rating: Teen (13+)        B&W | Single Issue
Series Launched: N/A    |   View More In This Series

An accident at a research facility merges a young woman with a being from another galaxy. Now the two must learn how to co-exist while keeping one step ahead of forces that would love to see both of them eliminated from the face of the Earth!

As they search for answers about those who are hunting them, a close call draws out a friend who offers to help.

This issue represents a brand new series that we’re excited about and want to share with our fans. However, due to our limited resources, we have to make sure we work on series that will receive the most positive reader attention and support. If you like this series, buy a copy (or copies) and let us know you want more!
   Issues Sold To Green Light This Series:     GOAL REACHED!
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