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Class Is In Session!

September 4, 2018

Morgan Deadly and her friends are about to face the greatest challenge of their short lives – HIGH SCHOOL! Follow along as they learn the ups and downs of monsterhood while getting the education of their undead lives. Now showing EXCLUSI...

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A Simpler, Slimmer You

August 23, 2018

Our new site is now online and obviously a stark contrast from the site that was running just a few hours ago. So why the change? As with most changes, it all comes down to needs. The site launched in December with the goal of developing...

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A long lost classic has returned from the archives and is now available in it’s complete glory! This short lived series tells the tale of two alien brothers who come to Earth and attempt to blend in with the native population. One is fai...

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Club Jack™ is the ULTIMATE expression of fandom for everyone’s favorite monster family! By joining our fan club, you’ll unlock exclusive content provided only to members as our way of saying thanks for being such diehard fans. Don...

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Our books are slowly coming back online in our new bookstore and to celebrate we’re offering digital editions of our first Deadlys comic collection absolutely FREE! Just head over to to get you...

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For those of you who read The Deadlys™ on your mobile device, we’re happy to announce our new MOBILE SITE. The new site is more mobile friendly and will allow you to access your favorite monster family on the go! The best part is that ...

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