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The Deadlys™: Volume 5

The Deadlys™: Volume 5 published on

Long forgotten people and events from the past shake up Necroblivion™ like never before!

Jack comes face-to-face with two people he never thought he’d see again. Meanwhile, Elizabeth comes to terms with a mistake made long ago.

We peer back in time to Jack’s battle with Elizabeth’s father for her hand in marriage and the Lazarus family finally welcomes a long overdue member to the family.

Lots of shake-ups, but we march on in this must have fifth comic collection!

The Asylumantics™: Volume 1

The Asylumantics™: Volume 1 published on

Established in 1850, the asylum is nestled in the hills overlooking the quiet town of Wrenwood Heights.

Wrenwood stood as the crown jewel of mental health care for years until budget cuts led to it’s slow decline. This level of decay to the system has allowed the residents inside an unusual amount of freedom which tends to get them into all kinds of strange trouble.

Includes These Two PRINT EXCLUSIVE Stories!
Free Dough – Bread is arrested after he and Vlad’s botched attempt to swipe cash from coats at a restaurant. Now Vlad and Gus must break him out of prison.
Spooky’s Baby – A bad reaction to an experimental drug makes Spooky look pregnant which gets her unexpected pampering and attention.

Please Rewind™: The Complete Online Collection

Please Rewind™: The Complete Online Collection published on

Meet Hank Burns and his friends Tony Parsons and Monique Parsons. Together, they run a small video store with dreams of making a living in an industry they love.

With their sharp wit and even sharper humor, there is no element of pop culture that is safe from the Nerdly Trio’s critical gaze.

Now you can own this classic series with this complete collection of online comic strips from it’s original run. From late night Pizza Ninja deliveries to unruly customers who need put in their place, this great volume is packed with tons of laughs and wackiness.