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Elizabeth Deadly™ from The Deadlys™

About The Creator

One of the pioneers of webcomics, Chris M. Cantrell has been producing comics for over 20 years. From his home studio he has created many cult classics including Please Rewind™ & The Deadlys™.

He first began publishing comics online in the mid 90’s on a small ISP provided webpage. In 2001, his work hit the mainstream of webcomics with the arrival of his first “commercial” success – The Asylumantics™.

Today he continues to produce new webcomics as well as provide assistance to new artists looking to produce their own work.

What Is Paneltastic™?

Paneltastic™ is a membership website dedicated to providing users with some of the web’s most unique comic content. We strive daily to create a fun and engaging community for those who love the art of comics and comic strips.
Do I Have To Be A Member To View Comics?

• All GUESTS are allowed to view the latest update on a FREE SERIES.
• All FREE SUBSCRIBERS can view the latest update and limited archives of FREE SERIES.
• All EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIBERS can view latest updates and full archives of FREE &

How Do I Apply For Membership?

You can sign up for a FREE basic membership by clicking here.  Members get up to 10% off most studio store purchases.
Once your account is activated, you will be able to upgrade to EXCLUSIVE status in the main menu.

What Comic Series Would I Currently Get Access To?

This is just a sample of the content waiting for you inside. We will continue to add new series as well as new content to existing series. (Available titles will vary depending on your membership level.)