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• What is Paneltastic?
Paneltastic™ is a website dedicated to providing users with some of the web’s most unique comic content. We strive daily to create a fun and engaging community for those who love the art of comics and comic strips.

• Does this site feature mature content?
Our site features lots of comics and comic series from a variety of genres with most titles falling into the TEEN (13+) rating for content. We do our best to clearly label any content intended for more mature audiences.

• Are canceled / ended comics gone for good?
Generally, once a title has been completed, it is archived for good. In rare cases, especially if the series was ended prematurely, a large amount of fan interest can convince us to revive it.

• I read some of a series online but where is the rest of it?
To help new readers who are interested in a certain series, we will often provide an online sample to give you an idea what the comic is like. Beyond that free online sample, you’ll usually have to purchase additional content from our book store in either physical or digital formats.