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A Simpler, Slimmer You

A Simpler, Slimmer You published on No Comments on A Simpler, Slimmer You

Our new site is now online and obviously a stark contrast from the site that was running just a few hours ago.

So why the change? As with most changes, it all comes down to needs. The site launched in December with the goal of developing it into a membership website for our comics. That has not worked out as we hoped so we began working on this site to strip all of the membership elements from it and approach our content from another angle.

The plus is that now the site has way less to load which should hopefully speed things up a bit on your end. Also, there are no longer logins or memberships to manage. Everything is posted out in the open for any guest to view. We’re not sure if we’ll attempt walled content on a small scale again in the future but it’s possible.

Guest communication is also still available but has returned to post comments due to a lack of interest in our forum system. As with the premium content, if the need arises in the future for a forum to return, we’ll definitely look at options.

Moving forward into the holiday season, we will be focusing on posting content here, promoting our books / collections and developing Club Jack™, our Deadlys fan club with premium content for subscribers.

More soon as we roll into the holidays.

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