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A Brief History

A Brief History published on No Comments on A Brief History

Some of you may be curious as to the origins of Please Rewind™. Below is a brief summary of the inspiration for the strip and you can check out more about it’s characters on the cast page!

Please Rewind™ was a hyperbolic look at the lives of video rental clerks when VHS tapes were the format of choice for movie viewing. It often takes inspiration from real life events that occurred when the creator of the strip worked as a video store employee in the mid 90’s.

Featuring three main characters, they are affectionately known as the Nerdly Trio™ – Hank Burns (Store Manager), Tony Parsons (Assistant Manager) and employee Monique Parsons. The series features lots of pop culture related gags and adventures focused primarily on movie culture but also video games, music and toys.

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